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Land Use, Utility and Service Facilities Mapping using Very High Resolution Satellite Data

Study Area : Hauz Khaz, New Delhi, India

Objectives : Land use Mapping. Land Use comparison. Mapping residential buildings. Zonation of houses (based on accessibility to utilities and services).





Application of Geographic Information System in Irrigation Water Management

Study Area : Command area of Lakhnauta Minor, Mangalore, Uttar Pradesh (U.P.), India

Objectives : Show how Irrigation data management can be made more scientific and efficient using GIS. Soil Suitability Classification for a command area. Water logging assessment. Land Suitability Classification for Irrigation Topographical Study. Daily Water Balance study for each field.






● Study of Spatial patterns and insight into the Source of topsoil Lead and Zinc

Study Area : Flood plains of River Meuse
Objectives : Analyzing source of metals using geostatistical techniques. Checking sources of different metals and their correlation. Spatial Interpolation of metals using spatial dependence models (Ordinary Kriging and Universal Kriging).








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